Watch website visitors in real time.

Analyze statistics on visitors behaviour and more.

Easier than Google Analytics. Just as powerful.

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What can VisitorAnalytics do for me?

View a comprehensive map that shows geographical visitor locations and visitor types

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See how visitors move inside your site and what links they click on with Click Path Graph

Click Path Graph

Get daily, weekly and monthly overview summary notifications by email

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It’s easier than Google Analytics, and just as powerful

No need for extensive trainings & tedious exercises to get to your data efficiently
View your visitors locations in real time
You won’t need to hire a dedicated full-time analyst, you can draw your own conclusions!
Mobile application access
Simple, easy-to use conversion funnels
Native WIX integration
View your users’ IP addresses in real-time


Easy-to-read analytics about your website. Become fully aware of who your visitors are, what web pages they stay on the longest, where they’re coming from and more.


Comprehensive maps that show geographical visitor locations and detailed information for all your visitors. See where your users are coming from and on what pages they land on.


Real time detailed statistics on your visitors, how they are moving inside your website and what links they're clicking on. Use daily, weekly and monthly statistics to get a better overview on page visits.


Comprehensive report of all your website’s pages. Get a detailed visitor overview to see what device, operating system and browser your visitors are using, as well as what country they’re in and more.